Michael Locher


Born in Bern, Switzerland

1989 – 1996
Study at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Switzerland

Masters Degree in Architecture at the ETH with Prof. Hans Kollhoff

1997 – 2001
Senior architect, office Prof. Hans Kollhoff. Dipl. Ing. BDA, Berlin, Germany

Own office in Bern / Berlin

2001 – 2004
Research project “Embellissement” (with PD Dr. Dieter Schnell, HTA Burgdorf / Prof. Hans Kollhoff, ETH Zurich)

2004 –
Opened the office Pannett & Locher with Christopher Pannett, Bern / Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2010 –
Senior Lecturer / Thesis advisor ‚master of advanced studies’, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Burgdorf

2017 –
Member OLK (Kommission Orts- und Landschaftsbilder, Jura bernois – Seeland)

Contact: m.locher(at)pannettlocher.ch